SCULPT Aesthetic & Cosmetic Clinic is one of the best centers in South Delhi that holds remarkable aptitude for offering first-rate liposuction surgery options. The clinic pledges to give you your dream figure by executing the liposuction surgeries with high level of expertise and of course, medically advanced equipments and techniques. We are passionate to offer clinical specialty and the finest possible, top-quality care. The clinic’s revolutionary technology and across-the-board medical solutions are perfectly suitable to meet your desires so that you can get the superior treatments. The clinic has a committed team of experts (supervised by Dr. Vivek Kumar) that give much preference to your requirements and desires.


Dr. Vivek Kumar is a board certified plastic and cosmetic Surgeon helping devotedly as a consultant at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi. Dr. Kumar’s impressive work has gotten him not only an array of notable awards and tributes, but also a mention in the LIMCA Book of Records 2008 for Surgical Excellence. Dr. Kumar is fortified with a Diplomat of National Board (Plastic Surgery), National Board of Examinations, India. Being well-informed with the front-line and most contemporary skills in cosmetic and plastic surgery, he has been able to successfully accomplish thousands of surgeries, imparting smile to many saddened faces.

Liposuction Surgery in Delhi

Many a times, you don’t like and content with the way you look in the mirror. You toil hard on your body, yet still have inadequacies and imperfections. In such a scenario, if you think to take the shield of cosmetic surgery, liposuction can be a boon for you!

Many young ladies keep their bodies in shape the outmoded way i.e. with the aid of workout, dieting, and eating healthy, and never indulging in activities that can are ruthless for one’s general health. Though workout is an enormously common method, most menfolk and womenfolk have tenacious fat deposits on regions of the body that we find distasteful. Weight loss is a perplexing task for maximum individuals and at times, diet and workout is not sufficient. There are always stubborn sacks of fat that linger regardless of how much one attempts to dispose of them. Liposuction is a surgical process that can help you dispose of fat deposits and shape the body charmingly. Liposuction in Delhi, India has become eminent in recent years owing to how effective and benign the method is, and how it is a feasible solution to get an improved appearance.

Abdomibnal Liposuction Surgery In India

There are many of us who scuffle with superfluous kilos around our tummy. Whether it is the outcome of poor diet, slothfulness, or even childbirth, the belly fat can be both unappealing and hazardous to our health- putting redundant stress on our hearts. And while we may have watched out our eating practices and begun an unfailing exercise routine that is imperative for burning fat, we still can’t rid ourselves of the superfluous weight. For oodles of individuals, this encounter has led them to contemplate abdominal liposuction.

Abdominal liposuction refers to liposuction or lipoplasty that is implemented on the belly area. It is a surgical process in which fat deposits are eliminated from the mid-section via a vacuuming procedure. Numerous small incisions are made in the stomach and fat is removed with the suctioning device. The process is contemplated to be extremely safe. The consequence, if efficacious, is a flatter, evener stomach and people report a fall in pant sizes and the capability to wear garments they were not formerly able to garb. In addition to this, one can feel an instant boost in the level of self-confidence because of the flat and well-shaped tummy.


Do you wish your arms were curvaceous? Has diet and workout failed to dispose of the fat in your arms?

Then arm liposuction is what you should be allowing for. The process can shrink fat along with tightening flabby arm skin. If you have already attempted all the brands of hand weights and machineries to trim those surplus arm fats with no victory, then arm liposuction can be your solution. Arm liposuction mends a jagged appearance of the arms as equated to the rest of your body. This also makes an individual more comfortable, confident and less embarrassed when wearing sleeveless tops. This process will offer a thinner and well-shaped appearance of the arms. You can wear those elegant dresses in official events such as marriages or cocktails without having to conceal.

It is quite disappointing to see sagging arms. The process will minimalize fatty deposits around the whole upper arm area. When you think through this method, you will notice noteworthy improvements with respects to your figure. This reveals a more contoured and toned look of the shoulder area and upper arms also. Moreover, a benefit of arm liposuction procedure is that it will leave no blemishing at all. Moreover, it is safe with very little downsides such as bruising and pain.

Buttock Liposuction In Delhi

It is often challenging to retain the natural contour of the buttocks through workout and dieting alone. While some do well, a good-sized majority fail. So as to look naturally gorgeous, the size and profile of the buttocks need to be well-balanced with the rest of the body. For females, it is an area generally targeted by fat. Buttocks liposuction is the cutting-edge advancement which gets rid of fat everlastingly and gives you an elegant appearance. This technique creates a slimmer look by disposing of surplus fat that may have got accumulated over time.

When it is a matter of patient security, buttocks liposuction option stands supreme. Patient can undergo this pioneering surgical procedure without dreading serious hazards or hitches. It also ensures immaculate results, which gives the renewed self-confidence and buoyancy to the patient. Gorgeous body delineation gives them the liberty to wear dresses of their choice, since there is no longer any requisite to conceal awkward body zones. Patients who go through buttock liposuction for a slenderer appearance notice an enormous change in the shape and overall structure of their bottoms. The buttocks seem smooth, curvy and well-carved.


Double chins can be reasonably a nuisance to some individuals. If you have a double chin and you have ever tried hard to dispense with it, then you can understand how tough that can be. For some individuals, diet and workout seem unaffected. This is particularly right for naturally lean people who cart fat in the region of their chin. This can make many folks feel like they are destined to living a life with a double chin. This can be very unsatisfying, chiefly when you know that chin workouts, chin belts and other devices that assert to diminish chin fat don’t work. This is why those dejected people resort to chin liposuction.

Chin liposuction is a very common process these days. If you are hereditarily inclined to carry a sack of spare fat in that area, then chin liposuction might be the lone way you can shoo away double chin. Double chin liposuction is a cosmetic surgery that actually eliminates the surplus accumulation of fat underneath your chin and even removes the skin regions that slump around the neck region. This can instantaneously bring a dramatic boost in the level of self-confidence that you possess.


Everybody dreams of having a perfect body figure that is worth flaunting in front of others. However, certain areas of fat deposits on our body do not let this dream come true. Inner thighs are one such area. Inner thigh liposuction can be a prodigious method to use if you have had complications modeling your body via natural resources such as diet and workout. The thigh area particularly can be tremendously problematic to amend via natural means, making liposuction a sought-after option for loads of people.

In the process, cellulite is the kind of fat that is going to be eliminated using inner thigh liposuction. These are the fat pockets in the connective tissues of the skin which overflow and make the skin seem like ripples. They look like indentations or even like crinkles. It cannot be effortlessly confiscated, even though one practices consistent exercise as well as dieting. After the efficacious removal of the persistent cellulite deposition in the inner thighs, one can feel more buoyant and confident about the way he or she looks.

After getting a fair idea about what liposuction exactly is, if you are enticed and wish to undergo liposuction surgery in Delhi, you can opt for SCULPT Aesthetic & Cosmetic Clinic. Here, you will be attended by Dr. Vivek Kumar, the best liposuction surgeon in Delhi.


There are several individuals who love their legs. However, the truth is that some individuals are just not blessed with legs that they always dream of. With all the diverse body contours out there, at times, the legs happen to be a problematic zone. When females specifically put on weight, they are likely to gain it in their thighs predominantly. Contingent on heredities, it could shift to the tummy also, but you often see the thighs as a very common problematic region. When the fat settles down on the lower end of the body, jus around the thighs, it is certainly very tough to eliminate. In such a scenario, liposuction can help and amend what all of the diet and workout toils have failed to do.

Thigh liposuction is usually performed on women who want to create a fresh look for their legs. The objective of thigh liposuction is to eliminate the surplus and nasty fat in the back of the legs and in the thigh zone to get the perfect shape of legs. The method of thigh liposuction is comparatively simple. Small cuts are made in the thigh area with the aid of cannula; the fat is going to be drawn out via a suctioning device through the cuts.


Duration of procedure: 1-4 hours (can differ as per patients)

Anesthesia: General

Recovery Time: 1-2 weeks, can recommence work in 7-10 days.

Permanency of results: Permanent

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